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Bye MSN Web Messenger

Microsoft's online MSN Web Messenger has officially been shutdown at June 30th. The official web based Windows Live Messenger client that used to reside at had been around for years, but didn't undergo any changes for a long time. The replacement online chat tool can now be found inside Hotmail. This is what Microsoft has to say about the changes:

Instant messaging from Hotmail makes it easier to communicate and share in new ways in comparison to MSN Web Messenger. For example, our integration with the suite of other Windows Live services allows you to see when your Messenger friends are online while reading an e-mail and immediately start a chat to clarify something in your friend’s e-mail message.

>> Check out our Online MSN at school page for more info

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Chat with the WLM team

At 4-5 pm PST today you'll be able to ask Windows Live Messenger team member Nicole all kinds of questions about WLM.
Simply add to your buddy list to participate in the chat.

Check out Nicole's blog post on this.

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Yahoo Interoperability

Over at the MessengerSays blog, Leah informs us of the latest developments around the interoperability between Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger: "ANYONE using the latest version of Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger (in most countries) will be able to add friends, send messages and select emoticons with those from either network like crazy – and we encourage you to do so!"

Good to hear that this feature quite some people have been waiting for is now officially finished.

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