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Blockcheckers are scripts which check whether someone is online or not. If you want to know if someone blocked you, you can check whether this script flags the person as online. When the blockchecker says the person is online, but you see him/her as offline in your contact list, the person has blocked you. Here at msgweb of course we've got our own MSN blockchecker for you.

Do blockcheckers work?

Quite some time ago there was a little flaw in the MSN protocol. Blockcheckers used this bug to obtain the contact's status. Nowadays however, this is impossible, because the bug has been fixed. Blockcheckers will never work 100% correct anymore. So even when a website states their blockcheckers is flawless, it will not work. Probably the website just hasn't been updated for a while.

Who can a blockchecker check

Blockcheckers depend on a specific option in MSN Messenger: Only people on my Allow List can see my status and send me messages. To change this setting, open up the main MSN Messenger window, click extra, options, and finally privacy (screenshot).

When this setting is turned on at the person you suspect of blocking you, blockcheckers will always see this person as offline. Thus the blockchecker will not work. However, when your contact has turned this option off, the blockchecker will be able to see his/her status, and will work.


When a blockchecker says someone is offline, you can't be sure whether he's really offline, because of the already discussed setting. When a blockchecker sees someone as online, the person is really online.

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