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This article is outdated. The next version of MSN Messenger won't be MSN Messenger 8 but "Windows Live Messenger". Read more about this in our Windows Live Messenger article.

Can I download MSN 8.0?

No. The latest version of MSN Messenger available is MSN 7.5. However, there've been quite some speculations about a newer version: MSN Messenger 8.0. In this article we'll inform you everything we know about MSN8.

MSN Messenger 8 features

There's not much sure yet about the new features we'll see in MSN Messenger 8. However, there've been quite some predictions:

  • Tabbed Chatting (already available in Messenger plus).
  • Dashboard/sidebar technology
    • Dock to desktop option
    • Float, minimize to side and smart resize
  • Pull away (rippable) parts
    • User-customizable layout
    • Multiple bar parts available, including: My Contact Card, Contact list, Tabs, RSS/Subscription info, File sharing info, Ads, Slideshow.
    • Premium bar parts: Encarta, Money, MSN Radio Plus
    • Other bar parts: Search, Radio, Headline, Weather, Traffic, Alerts, Stocks, WMP

Yahoom IM integration in MSN 8

Another great new feature we'll see in MSN Messenger8.0, is integration with Yahoo Messenger. You will now be able to add/chat with Yahoo Messenger contacts in MSN Messenger, and vice versa. Yahoo Messenger is one of the most used instant messaging clients next to MSN. Read more about this 'Interoperability agreement between MSN and Yahoo IM' here.

MSN 8.0 beta

You might be wondering whether there's a beta (test version) of MSN Messenger 8 available for download. Unfortunately this is not the case (yet). Nobody, except some people (developers) over at Microsoft, has got a working version of MSN 8. Some websites might be advertising with a downloadable version of MSN Messenger 8, but all you'll get is MSN 7.5.

However, a MSN 8.0 beta sign up page has been spotted. You can sign up for the MSN Messenger 8 beta here. Nobody has been contacted yet to download MSN 8.0 beta, and we don't know for sure whether your email address will actually be stored and used, but the sign up page is located at a website owned by Microsoft, so it's worth a try.

It seems microsoft removed the MSN 8.0 beta sign up page. They might have enough volunteers for the beta, but probably the page just wasn't supposed to be published yet. Of course we'll update this page as soon as we know more!

Will MSN 8.0 be free?

You might have received an email saying Microsoft will make MSN Messenger a paid service. These emails are 100% fake. When it's been released, you will be able to download MSN Messenger 8.0 for free.

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