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MSN 7.5 is the latest version of MSN Messenger. On this page you'll find everything you want to know about MSN7.5.

What's new in MSN 7.5?

In MSN 7 a lot has been changed already. For example, winks, moods, and nudges have been added. This is why version 7.5 doesn't include that much new features. These are the biggest changes:

  • Voice Messages

    Send your buddies little messages, recorded with your microphone
  • Dynamic backgrounds

    Animated backgrounds in your conversation windows
  • New login screen

    The login screen has been redesigned. You'll see your display picture before signing in, and messenger can save passwords of multiple accounts now.

Where can I download MSN 7.5?

You can download MSN 7.5 at the official MSN Messenger website.

Does your computer support MSN 7.5?

MSN 7.5 requires windows XP at least. If you're using an older version of Windows, you unfortunately won't be able to use the MSN Messenger 7.5. The latest version you can use, is MSN 7. You can download it here.

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