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Messenger Plus is definitely the most popular addon for MSN Messenger. Everyone who's using MSN a lot, should be using it. But when you're installing Messenger Plus, you need to take care, because Messenger Plus is packed with optional sponsor software.

Installing Messenger Plus

Download Messenger Plus at the official website. Look for this screen during the installation:

Messenger Plus sponsor agreement

If you chose for I accept, install Messenger Plus! with the sponsor program there will be extra software installed next to Messenger Plus. This software adds advertisements to internet explorer, and adds some shortcuts to your desktop. The extra software is no spyware. It does not send any private information to the internet. It doesn't harm your computer either. It's just an advertisement package, where the creator of Messenger Plus lives from. During the installation this is being said about the sponsor agreement:

Please read the following important message In order to keep Messenger Plus! free of charge for everyone, the next screen will ask if you accept to install the optional sponsor program. This program adds advertisements and a search bar in Internet Explorer that will accelerate your searches on the web (please read the license agreement for the full details). There's no risk involved in giving it a try: the sponsor program can be easily removed at any time by uninstalling Messenger Plus!. You can then, if you desire, reinstall this software without the sponsor.

If you choose for I refuse to give my support, install Messenger Plus! without the sponsor, Messenger Plus will be installed without any additional sponsor software. This is probably the option you want to choose.

Removing the sponsor software

Did you (accidentally) installed the sponsor software, and you want to get rid of it? This is no problem, you can easily remove the sponsor software (even without removing Messenger Plus). Do not use any programs like Ad-Aware, but just follow these steps:

  • Click on the windows start button, and click 'My Computer'.
  • Click 'Add or Remove programs' add the top left.
    Software toevoegen/verwijderen
  • Select Messenger Plus in the list, and click 'Change/remove'.
  • Choose for 'Uninstall the sponsor program only'.
    Plus verwijder opties
  • Now a screen will appear asking you for a validation code. Enter the code in the little box.
    Plus verificatie code
  • Now click 'uninstall'. If you're asked whether you're sure, click 'yes'. The sponsor software will now be removed, but you can still use Messenger Plus.

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