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  • 10 years ago

    Microsoft launches 'Time for a Story' - bedtime stories via MSN ... - Tech Digest

    Microsoft launches 'Time for a Story' - bedtime stories via MSN ...
    Tech Digest, UK - Dec 4, 2008
    There are many families who have to cope with the pain of separation - if Daddy has to fly away on business trips a lot, for example. ...

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  • 10 years ago Desktop Offers Instant Collaboration introduces the first open source cross platform desktop collaboration tool for the enterprise. Access, search and collaborate on the information stored in with real time discussions, desktop microblogging and live search.

    Wilmington, DE, November 29, 2008 --( The desktop client (beta) is a dashboard to the web-based open source software tool, developed by Cynapse. The desktop client creates an ambient awareness amongst users by providing a real time activity stream of updates from the site. An edit or comment on any content bubbles up the items info-tile to the top for all users who have access rights to it. Instant discussions provide an immersive instant messaging like experience, with the distinction of using the activity stream as your IM roster or buddy list. Users can start and participate in discussions on wikis, documents and use the microblogging feature to initiate conversations.

    The slick interface of the desktop, made on the latest Flex SDK v3.2 and Adobe AIR v1.5, brings together the responsiveness of the desktop and the connectivity offered by the web. Users can search for data stored on right from their desktop, view the content and discuss on it, converting simple conversations into reusable knowledge. Knowledge which would have otherwise been lost inside email inboxes or instant messaging logs.

    According to Dhiraj Gupta, CTO Cynapse, The desktop would not have been possible without the amazing Adobe AIR platform. AIR matched Cynapse's beliefs for the best the way to deliver RIA (rich internet application) to the desktop and hence was the logical next step.

    The desktop client is open source and is available for download from the community site. "Open sourcing software is the best way to create the best software possible, because it benefits from both peer review and contributions" says Dhiraj. We benefit from open source projects, everything from javascript libraries to entire application servers. Making open source is our way of giving back to the community."

    While the client was in internal beta for over 3 months, it has been actively used by over 2000 users. In a detailed survey conducted with these users, over 80% agreed that the desktop increased their own personal usage of by 50%. Most of the companies implementing the beta (along with v2.1) agreed that adoption of within their employees had doubled in just 6 weeks of usage.

    The desktop is the first open source enterprise level application built in AIR enabling an engaging user experience. Learn more about the desktop and details on the download in our blog:

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  • 10 years ago

    Lively no more

    When Google launches a new product, it usually does pretty well. Ok, so maybe that's the understatement of the day. But sometimes even Google misses the mark. Such is the case with their embeddable virtual world, Lively.

    The virtual world was designed to compete with Second Life and There, but with a twist; Lively "worlds" could be embedded on any website, similar to embedding a YouTube video. It was an interesting concept, because you could create virtual chat rooms that could be shared across many websites or blogs. Alas, Lively turned out to be not quite what Google hoped for, and Google is shutting down Lively at the end of 2008.

    You can still download and use Lively through December 31, 2008, although I personally wouldn't bother. If you're curious to see what you missed, I'd just watch the video.

    Rest in peace, Lively.

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  • 10 years ago

    Survey says: You are a slacker

    A new survey of 9,255 employees, hiring managers and HR professionals has uncovered this shocker -- you slack off at work.

    Well, probably not you, but pretty much everyone around you. The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive for found that nearly one-third (29%, to be precise) of workers will be doing their holiday shopping online and on company time. Probably buying something for the department gift exchange, right?

    And it gets worse.
    • Research: Sixty-one percent of workers use the Internet for non-work related research and activities while they are at work. Among these workers, 37 percent said they spend an average of more than 30 minutes of their workday on non-work related online activities and 18 percent said they spend an average of an hour or more.
    • E-mail: When it comes to digital correspondence, 20 percent of workers send six or more non-work related e-mails per day. Among this group, 22 percent spend more than 30 minutes during the typical workday doing so.
    • Blogging: Nine percent of workers surveyed have a personal blog, and while nearly a quarter (23 percent) of them spend time blogging at work, only 9 percent of them spend 15 minutes or more blogging during the typical workday.
    • Social Networking: Forty-one percent of workers surveyed have a MySpace, Facebook or other social networking page. More than one-third (35 percent) of them spend time on their social networking page during the workday with 8 percent spending 30 minutes or more.
    • Instant Messaging: Twenty percent of workers use instant messenger at least once a week.
    Should you be concerned about your -- ahem -- your coworkers' -- surfing habits? Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources for says that while "...employers are unlikely to terminate workers for online holiday shopping during the workday, employees should proactively police their personal Internet usage. In addition, employees need to be aware of company Internet policies, as more than a quarter of employers surveyed monitor workers' time spent online and sites visited. Employees can then determine if it is best to designate their lunch hour or break times for online holiday shopping."

    Not slacking? Feeling smug right now? Better get to that shopping list -- you are making the rest of us look bad!

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  • 10 years ago

    Updated Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 addresses Vista issues

    Yahoo! has posted an updated version of Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 that resolves numerous bugs found when running Messenger on Windows Vista. So, if you had trouble getting Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 to run on your Vista PC, please download and install the latest version ( that we released last week:

    Download - Yahoo! Messenger 9.0

    Maybe Yahoo! should have kept Messenger for Vista around instead of killing it.

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  • 10 years ago

    Windows Live announcement and video

    MSN Messenger iconPosted by Lonn
    We just made a big announcement on our Windows Live Wire blog about how Windows Live will help you keep your life in sync.
    "Today is a very exciting day for Windows Live ? for the hundreds of people who work on building and delivering Windows Live, for the hundreds of millions of people who use Windows Live, and for the thousands of Windows Live advertisers and partners. Around the world, today is the day that we?re finally able to share the innovations in communications and sharing that we?ve been working on and will release shortly.
    People sometimes ask me ?What is Windows Live?? and ?How does that relate to Hotmail, Messenger and Photo Gallery?? Historically, people have had entirely separate e-mail, IM, and sharing solutions ? with different contact lists and totally different tools. But we?re now at a point where we can go beyond silo?ed communication tools that don?t work together ? and start to integrate the best of them together with one contact list. In Windows Live, we?ve been working towards this for a while, but with this upcoming release, we?re taking a huge step forward in providing an integrated personal communication service ? integrated across Windows Live and across the other services on the web."...
    - Brian Hall, GM Windows Live Business Group
    I'll keep this post short, as it's been a prettylong day,but I'd encourage youto read through the full posting to get a sense ofthe exciting direction thatWindows Live is heading. Windows Live Messenger has always been a core part of Windows Live and will continue to play an integral part of the Windows Live experience. Over the next few weeks we'll be able to provide more details about some of the things that you may not have seen in the beta but that we can now begin to talk about.
    The team has been working extremely hard to take into account all the valuable feedback we received and we look forward to providing you with an incredible release in the coming months. In the meantime, I threw together a quicklittle video that walks you through the latest Windows Live Messenger experience.
    Thanks for reading/watching and thanks for using Windows Live Messenger.

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  • 10 years ago

    Yahoo! Messenger for Vista version is no longer available

    As of October 24, Yahoo! Messenger for Vista will no longer be available for download from the Yahoo! Messenger website. Yahoo! has discontinued stand-alone releases of the Yahoo! Messenger for Vista application in order to focus on delivering one Windows experience that is optimized for all Windows users.

    According to the Yahoo! Messenger blog:

    "This decision will help us increase efficiencies on our team and deliver one consistent, full-featured product for all of our Windows users. Our application was based on the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) platform which we will continue to experiment with and invest in. The knowledge we gathered from developing Yahoo! Messenger for Vista will also help us improve future versions of our Windows software."

    "We realize many of you have been with us from the first launch of Yahoo! Messenger for Vista and we want to thank you for trying it and providing great feedback with each new release.

    "If youre using Yahoo! Messenger for Vista, you can continue to use it however we will not add any more features or provide product support. To enjoy full Yahoo! Messenger functionality including photo sharing, webcam and chat rooms, we recommend downloading and installing the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger 9.0, which also works on Windows Vista: Download - Yahoo! Messenger 9.0"

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  • 10 years ago

    Vyke - Call and SMS Free US, UK and Canada

    Hi All

    Vyke one of the pioneer in VOIP service has started its service in India. The Cricket Legend - Sourav Ganguly has been signed as a Brand Ambassador Vyke is a Voice over IP telephony company with a focus on mobile VoIP and IP SMS without the need for additional hardware. Vyke allows users to make telephone calls and send SMS over the internet via their mobile-handset, computer or a normal fixed or landline.

    Vyke offers free calls and SMS between connected users by utilizing existing WiFi and wireless zones, existing mobile phone provider internet networks and proprietary software. Additional services available to Vyke subscribers and customers include more traditional VoIP technology such as computerto-phone calling, callback (where two nominated numbers are connected by Vyke via SMS, computer-initiated or callback number request), computer-based SMS and several other initiatives. Vyke offers free calls with only a one time connection charge to countries such as the United States, Canada and most countries in Europe. Hence it falls under the free or almost free VoIP providers.

    Enjoy Vyke's cheap international phone calls using PC-to-Phone, WIFI enabled mobile phones, SIP devices or Callback. Get a free dollar when you sign up for free, and it is no hidden charges or extra cost, just pay-as-you-go calling and sms. 4 US cent per call connection charge to free landline destinations with Vyke PC-to-Phone, Mobile VoIP and VoIP Phone.

    So Get Shopping And Be Connected.

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  • 10 years ago

    EnduraTalk SIP Softphone by Ascent Telecom is now Windows Vista Compatible

    EnduraTalk is a PC based SIP softphone that uses SIP protocol to make IP calls, has GIPS Advanced Voice Engine embedded, is Private Labeled, Works in all blocked SIP ports, is now fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System.

    Microsoft Windows Vista operating system is a latest operating system from Microsoft and has a lot of security enabled functionalities. This results in a lot of softphones not working correctly in Vista (because they do not focus on the security related features). EnduraTalk has been tailored & tested successfully to work seamlessly on Vista thus making it functional on all Windows family of OS. The setup is a one-click setup with a download size less than 2 MB, making it ideal fit for low bandwidth downloading machines as well.

    EnduraTalk , Ascent Telecoms SIP based Softphone caters to the VoIP service provider segment, who intend to procure a high quality softphone to provide high voice quality PC to Phone VoIP services to their customers. This segment comprises Hosted/Managed Platform Providers, ITSPs, Broadband Operators, and PC to-Phone Service providers.

    EnduraTalk , Ascent Telecoms SIP based Softphone caters to the VoIP service provider segment, who intend to procure a high quality softphone to provide high voice quality PC to Phone VoIP services to their customers. This segment comprises Hosted/Managed Platform Providers, ITSPs, Broadband Operators, and PC to-Phone Service providers. EnduraTalk is SIP based, GIPS Advanced Voice Engine integrated, Private Labeled, Working in blocked SIP ports, compatible on all Windows OS (including Vista.)

    Ascent Telecom is a Global provider of VoIP Software Products, Solutions & Services to Service Providers. Founded in year 2000, Ascent Telecom has more than 300 customers presence in over 30 countries. Ascent sell its offerings either by selling its software or by providing an option of Hosted VoIP Softswitch & Billing, to its targeted customers (Service Providers). Ascent has full range of VoIP Software, including but not limiting to SIP Softphone, VoIP Billing & Class 5 SIP Softswitch (SIP Proxy Server & Media Proxy Server). These software collectively, lets the service providers offer a full range of VoIP services to their customers.

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  • 10 years ago

    Quickbot 2.0 released: next generation of Windows Live Agents!

    Quickbot is a Windows Live Agent, that will come in handy if you want some entertainment when you get bored. You can talk to it about anything, have it tell you jokes or quotes, play games, and perform many other useful tasks (translations, news, sports results, spell checks, ASCII art and so on).

    It is been a 1 year since Quickbot has been announced to public, and after this period of time majority of things changed, many functions added, and it became even more intelligent and quick than it was before!


    How to use it?
    • Add to your contact list.
    • Send message START to him.
    • Enjoy talking with robot.

    All the new functions in version 2.0:

    calc calculate any expression
    weather [city] gives temperature, local time and weather
    google [search string] searches in Google.
    spell or ~ [text] spell check (marks incorrect words with brackets)
    define [text] gives word definition
    slogan [text] gives slogan for any word (uses
    equation [expression] calculates equation with explanation
    ext [text] filetype description
    textart / textart2 / textart3 / textart4 / textart5 [text] makes an ASCII art from input text
    reverse [text] reverses text
    mix [text] mixes text according to cambridge theory.
    password generate random password
    joke random good joke
    insult generates random insult
    cat random funny cat photo
    start shows all functions
    stats robot online statistics
    en-ge, ge-en [text] - English <-> German
    en-fi, fi-en [text] English <-> Finnish
    en-ru, ru-en [text] English <-> Russian
    en-pr, pr-en [text] English <-> Portuguese
    en-sp, sp-en [text] English <-> Spanish
    sp-fr, fr-sp [text] Spanish <-> French
    fr-en, en-fr [text] French <-> English
    en-it, it-en [text] English <-> Italian
    en-nl, nl-en [text] Dutch <-> English
    en-zt, en-zh, zh-en [text] English <-> Chinese simp.
    en-kr, kr-en [text] English <-> Korean
    jp-en, en-jp [text] Japanese <-> English
    jp-zh, zh-jp [text] Japanese <-> Chinese
    kr-zh, zh-kr [text] Korean <-> Chinese
    en-no, no-en [text] English <-> Norwegian
    en-le, le-en [text] English <-> leet-English
    cnn last 10 news from CNN
    bbc last 10 news from BBC
    reuters last 10 news from Reuters service
    wired last 10 news from Wired service
    soccer last soccer results
    nba last NBA results
    youtube top 10 viewed videos for today from YouTube
    quote random quote
    md5 [text] calculates md5 hash
    delphi [function] gives delphi function description
    str-hex [text] returns hex from string
    hex-str [text] returns string from hex
    urlencode [text] encodes string to url format

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  • 10 years ago

    Ascent Telecom unleashes its Hosted VoIP for flat without any minimum commitment.

    Ascent Telecom is a provider of "Hosted VoIP Softswitch & Billing Platform" to service providers & resellers. Our hosted platform supports PC to Phone, Callshops & Device to Phone VoIP services. The hosted platform handles more than 1500 concurrent calls of retail voip traffic (without any wholesale or call center based traffic). All the traffic is generated through its high voice quality SIP softphone & standard SIP devices (like Linksys PAP2). The platform provides a 100% web based interface with unique login id and password to each service provider/reseller. The complete platform has the capability of being private labeled and is capable enough for handling full-fledged PC to Phone, Callshops & Device to Phone Services. The hosted platform allows service providers to add their own carriers and define priority based routing as well.

    Ascent has now removed any restriction of minimum commitment from the commercial charges of hosted platform. This move has been made to give an opportunity to small size operators also. Small size operators who do not have big traffic volume can now also utilize the high quality hosted platform from Ascent and they would be required to pay only as per their usage. This is a time bound offer that has been released for a limited time frame to give new potential customers an opportunity.

    With this latest move, the hosted platform from Ascent is now strictly "Use & Pay" with literally zero start-up cost, any investment and zero implementation time to begin. Its now a purely Zero Time to market, strictly pay as usage platform.

    Ascent Telecom is a Global provider of VoIP Software Products, Solutions & Services to Service Providers. Founded in year 2000, Ascent Telecom has more than 300 customers presence in over 30 countries. Ascent sell its offerings either by selling its software or by providing an option of Hosted VoIP Softswitch & Billing, to its targeted customers (Service Providers). Ascent has full range of VoIP Software, including but not limiting to SIP Softphone, VoIP Billing & Class 5 SIP Softswitch (SIP Proxy Server & Media Proxy Server). These software collectively, lets the service providers offer a full range of VoIP services to their customers.

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  • 10 years ago

    Adore Infotech Provides Softswitch and VoIP Billing System

    To make your PC to Phone System experience more convenient and useful, we bring a solution called VoIP Billing System. This is a modular web based real-time prepaid/ postpaid billing solution available with customer care and reporting system, which enable Internet Telephony providers to provide PC to Phone, PC to PC, and Phone to Phone services.

    Our VoIP billing & Softswitch, solution provides the creation and management of prepaid calling cards, real time rating and billing of credit customers, IVR Support, Agents Management, Commission Generation, Real-time customer provisioning and activity tracking, Secure payment/collection criteria for both prepaid and postpaid services and Management Reports

    We have 24/7 support for our customers and we have more than 30 techs working for 3 shifts for helping our customers for 24/7. So our customers can contact us any time they when need our help. We also provide the Training to our customer.

    We will provide the necessary remote training to customers to understand the software products. Our competent and reliable force of engineers delivers high-quality training programs to our customers.

    Our experienced training team will provide Two days remote training of our Billing to the customers. They will train the every basic features and functions of the following modules of our Billing.


    You will get free customized advanced version softphone, (which support g723 codec) with the softswitch. In advanced version softphone user can see the balance and credit time on the skin Itself.


    Web Based Reporting

    a.. ASR Reports
    b.. Fully customizable invoice Report
    c.. Comprehensive Call History reports
    d.. Commission Report
    e.. Revenue Report
    f.. Export Report to Excel, MS word, RTF, PDF format
    g.. Automatic invoice dispatching via email
    h.. Traffic reports and charts display in your Web browser
    i.. Access your reports from anywhere, anytime
    j.. There over 50 management reports, over 10 accounting reports including
    aging, credit and charge back and over 10 Operational reports.

    Technical Architecture:
    Following comprehensive step would enable you to understand and grab every benefit of Adore Pc 2 Phone system.
    1. Radius Authontication:
    Softphone-->SIP Proxy(SIP Express Router) -->Radius(Authontication) -->Billing Server-->Reply to SIP Proxy(SIP Express Router)
    2. After Authontication, SIP proxy will terminate calls to CISCO/Quintum
    3. After the call is completed, it will do the accounting and generate CDR
    in Billing server

    CISCO/Quintum Gatway-->Radius(Accounting)-->Billing-->Web (to View CDR and other reports)

    Flexible Rate Plan Maintenance

    a.. Unlimited number of rating plans supported
    b.. Destination based billing
    c.. DNIS based Rating
    d.. Flexible call costing by day of week and time of day
    e.. Stepped or tiered dropping rates per call or per total usage
    f.. Rate plans support 1/1, 30/6, 60/6, 60/6 billing
    g.. Import Rate Tables directly from TXT files
    h.. Export Rate Tables to CSV or TXT file.

    Accounts Maintenance ( Softphone & IP Phone Accounts)

    a.. Generate prepaid, postpaid, ANI based accounts/PIN
    b.. Web based accounts activation and recharge
    c.. Add ANI to the accounts
    d.. Export the Card Information and PINs and send directly printer
    e.. Charge Maintenance, Disconnect, and Activation Fees
    f.. Expire cards X days after first date of use
    g.. Charge Toll-Free and Payphone Surcharges
    h.. Apply Surcharges based on the ANI (Caller ID) or Dialed Number (DNIS)
    i.. Play Dollar/Minutes remaining in your card
    j.. Allow multiple ANI users for each Account (Great for corporate
    k.. Allow End-Users to recharge their Accounts online
    l.. Play Messages to callers in the middle of the call

    Gatway Supported

    a. Cisco
    b. Quintum
    c. GNU GK
    d. SIP Express Router

    CRM Features

    a. Customer provisioning and Management
    b. Agent/Reseller provisioning and Management
    c. CSR can post payments, credits and adjustment
    d. Trouble Ticket Management
    e. Email notification based in predefined criteria

    Web Based Reporting

    - ASR Reports
    - Fully customizable invoice Report
    - Comprehensive Call History reports
    - Commission Report
    - Revenue Report
    - Export Report to Excel, MS word, RTF, PDF format
    - Automatic invoice dispatching via email
    - Traffic reports and charts display in your Web browser
    - Access your reports from anywhere, anytime
    - There over 50 management reports, over 10 accounting reports including aging, credit and charge back and over 10 Operational reports.

    For more information please feel free to contact us at :

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  • 10 years ago

    Compatibility with Messenger 2009 Beta

    Happy Halloween!

    If you’ve been using the latest beta version of Windows Live Messenger lately, I have some good news: Messenger Plus! is now fully compatible with it! Although I don’t like releasing anything that’s not “final”, the growing popularity of this new Messenger made it clear something had to be done on my side. For that reason, Messenger Plus! Live 4.79 has been added to the Download section and the Change Log has been updated accordingly.

    Keep in mind that this is beta material so no support will be given for it. Some of the improvements (display pictures in notification popups for instance) are global to all Messenger versions so if you like what’s fresh and new, this beta is for you. Also, while you have fun with this new release, get prepared for a very special promotion coming your way for Christmas. Those of you who like action figures and collectibles (yes, you ready correctly)are in for a shock :-).

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  • 10 years ago

    Gaia Online launches AIM-powered instant messenger

    SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Gaia Online, the world's most active online community, today announced the launch of a new instant messaging feature called Gaia Instant Messaging (GIM) powered by AOLs AIM service, the most popular instant messaging service in the United States.

    By integrating AIM functionality within Gaias online community, GIM will provide a new interactive experience for Gaia members to connect with each other. With over 7 million active members, Gaia continuously looks for new and innovative ways like GIM to drive further engagement within the community. Gaia recently released the new feature and visitors are already sending over 2 million instant messages each day via GIM.

    Accessible communication tools are essential to providing an interactive experience for online teen and young adult audiences, said Prakash Ramamurthy, VP of Product Management and Engineering at Gaia Online. By leveraging AOLs AIM service were able to provide Gaians with the tools to find friends and meet up in the community to watch movies, play games, or simply chat with each other much easier than before.

    Gaia developed GIM using the freely-available APIs provided by AOLs Open AIM program, which enables developers to easily integrate AIM functionality into their websites and applications. No download is required to use GIM and the application appears in a separate web browser.

    Members can message each other individually, as well as participate in fully interactive group messaging sessions in GIM. In addition, GIM enables users to teleport to wherever their friends are within the website. By integrating AIM into Gaia, members have more ways to engage and interact within the larger Gaia community.

    For more information about the new GIM feature on Gaia, visit

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  • 10 years ago

    Workaround for Error 810003c1 while signing into Messenger

    Sameer_Halai-cutout2posted by Sameer.

    Some beta users seem to be getting an error 810003c1 when they try to login to Messenger. This error can be caused if the region setting for your account is not set. If you are seeing this error, please go to and make sure the Country/Region field is set correctly to your own country.


    Thanks and have a great weekend!

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