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Do you know one of these Messenger-etiquette offenders? How do YOU deal with them?

Windows Live Messenger provides a great deal of freedom in how you can communicate and with whom, but I?m sure we all know people that like to push the boundaries of Messenger-etiquette?

Here?s a quick look the top 5 Messenger etiquette offenders:

2. Emoticon overload imageimage
3. Indecisive typers image image image
That?s what it looks like when I ask my co-worker Alfons a question on Messenger.  He?s either slow, indecisive or both.  Either way, I?m sure we all know someone like this.  The best part is that after 5 minutes all you get is a one word answer. :p
4. Status Ignorers Your status is set to busy and your message says  ?DND ? Do Not Disturb.  Delivering a mission critical demo or presentation.?  Not only will a Status Ignorer disregard your message and IM you anyways, but they also tend to start their conversations off with a less than ideal sentence such as:

?HeY DuDe, R we going Partying all wknd again??

?which of course, everyone in your demo/presentation will see.
5. Never ending chat These are typically people that you genuinely care about, an old friend, your mom/dad, a long lost relative etc? You have a great 30 minute chat, which then drags into a 3 hour chat.  Every time you say '?bye?, they start a new topic or ask you a question.

This is somewhat parallel to the co-worker who keeps talking to you, even as you leave their office.  Then you have to come back and as ?what was that??? they tell you, then you try to leave again, and they again keep talking to you?

TELL US ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCES WITH THESE TYPE OF PEOPLE AND HOW YOU WOULD DEAL WITH THEM.  I?ll write up another post down the road that integrates all of your wisdom along with some of my own thoughts. :)  Just post a comment.

On that topic, as we continue to lead up to the 10th Anniversary of Windows Live Messenger, here are 2 GREAT stories submitted by our user?s about what NOT to do? I was LOL the first time I read them.  Enjoy and thanks Jonathan and Tariq.

Jonathan (UK): The Invention of Group Chat (and Group Feedback)

?A couple of years ago, a new middle manager started working in my department. For the first couple of weeks he didn't make the greatest impression. He looked like he was falling asleep in meetings and generally looked fairly uninterested.

I found out that he'd come from a company that a good friend of mine works for, so I opened up a chat with my friend on Messenger to see if he knew this guy and what he thought of him. I said about the falling asleep in meetings and other negative things that had been discussed around the cooler about him.

My friend said that he didn't know the guy personally, but that some of the 80+ people that he was sharing his screen with in an internal conference obviously did because they were falling about laughing!?

Jonathan, UK

Tariq (USA/Brazil): Not the best Way to introduce a Girl Friend to Mom

?Junior year of high-school my Brazilian girlfriend, Marina, moved back  to Brazil with her family. We used messenger video chat to keep in touch every week (as we do to this day ? she is my best friend still).

One day, after a lot of deliberation, she decided to get a tattoo and pinged me excited to show it off. So we opened up a video chat session. The tattoo, a red tropical flower that wrapped around her left side, was hard to see with the shirt she had on so she took it off to provide a better view.

Naturally, my mother walked in at that moment to see an extremely embarrassed, shirtless Marina on my monitor. I reacted the only way I knew how, ?Mom, have you met Marina??. We laugh about the encounter to this day.?

Tariq, USA/Brazil

Thanks again to everyone that submitted a story.  We?ll continue to post them leading up the big 10th anniversary day (July 22nd) so continue to check back.

Today?s Fun 10th Anniversary Fact:  The average chat session is 5 mins long. In the US, chat sessions tend to be shorter with an average 4 mins, while people in China take on average 8 mins for each of their sessions.

Interesting? so where is my father counted in this??? (My dad is a ?Never ending chatter"?)? :)

Thanks for reading.
The Windows Live Messenger Team

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