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The Fantasia Festival: lots of movies to see this summer!

It’s that time of the year again! for the third time, Messenger Plus! is proud to be part of the Fantasia Festival, organized in Montreal, Canada from July 9th to July 29th 2009. If you live in the area and like sci-fi, epic films, twisted Asian comedies and many other kind of strange movies, Fantasia is the place you’ll want to be this summer. Also, because we’re sponsoring the festival, we got free tickets to give away! All you need to do is be among the firsts to send an email to and you’ll receive a pair of tickets, redeemable at the box office for the movie of your choice. Just include your full name, full address (including postal code) and a note telling us how much you want those free tickets. Of course, like every year, I will be seeing a dozen of movies myself; if you’re interested in meeting, send me your movie schedule and we’ll see if our choices match :-).

Divine Weapon MovieThis year, Messenger Plus! presents The Divine Weapon. This Korean movie takes place in the 15th century and is guaranteed to satisfy if you like epic battles, people who die and moustaches. Screening times, trailer and more information about the movie can be seen here. Of course, the movie will be presented in its original Korean language with English subtitles. The Divine Weapon was a smash hit upon its release this past fall in South Korea, and that?s hardly a surprise, given its engaging cast of characters, portrayed by some of the most renowned figures in Korean popular cinema at the moment, and of course its astounding action and battle scenes. A grand historical epic that never forgets to focus on the ordinary souls at the eye of the storm.

In addition to all of this, a free Fantasia skin for Messenger 2009 was added in the official skins database. As for the rest, because there’s still plenty to say and to show, you will have to be a bit more patient and wait for this weekend’s announcement. If you’re a Neowin reader, then remember to check this site as well!

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