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The Messenger Plus! 2009 Contest

Finally, this year’s contest is ready and will open Sunday the 12th at 00:01 (GMT-5).

This summer, everybody can play. No need to script, skin or dance around your computer screen (you can still do that if you want though). If you played in the 6th Anniversary Contest 2 years ago, then this one will look very familiar to you. It’s not a game of skills, just pure luck and determination. All you need to play is the latest version of Messenger Plus! Live, download it if you didn’t do so already. Once installed, click on the golden icon Contest Icon in your contact list and start clicking on the game grid! You can also access the contest by selecting the new “Play and Win!…” Plus! menu.

2009 ContestThis year, it’s no less than 1,000 prize packages that will be offered during the contest, for a period of 4 weeks. Each package is randomly assigned a value between 20$ and 1,500$ and the best thing is: you chose what you want to receive! Winners will have a choice of movie, game or animated feature for which they want to receive one or more prizes, all thanks to the Evolution Store. Because this contest is so big, we needed somebody to sponsor it and this year, tons of action figures and high-end collectibles will be sent to the winners directly from the Evolution Store’s warehouse. You can start browsing their online store now and decide what you’ll want to receive when you find a prize in the game grid.

Each contestant is eligible to win up to 10 prize packages. To achieve this, you have two choices: don’t sleep, don’t eat, don’t bath for a month, or, and that’s really up to you, start sending your own unique referral link to your friends and contacts. Your contacts just need to download Messenger Plus! and start playing to win a prize of their own, If they win, the good news is that you win a prize of your choice as well. So, if your Facebook, your MySpace, or your Twitter account gets a lot of visits, or if you spend your days posting on numerous forums on the web, it may be time to leverage this to your advantage. You could very well win a lot of prizes without even clicking once in the game.

Good luck :-)

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