Please note that this version of ADP is not officialy supported by Msgweb anymore. We're working on a more stable and easy-to-use version.

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What is Advanced Display Picture?

Advanced Display Picture, or ADP, is an add-on for MSN messenger (you don't need msgplus) to make those boring display pictures be more fun. For example you can write text on your own picture by typing an easy command in the IM window, as well as letting someone else you know write on your picture. You can also make a slide show of your pictures and they will change every set interval that you tell it too. These are only three features, for a complete list, visit the feature page

How to start?

ADP is a completely free product, and it contains no spyware. So why not try it? For those who find the program a little difficult to use we included a tutorial that can be found here or at the installation directory


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