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What does the MCO Manager do?

In version 7 of MSN Messenger, Microsoft introduced winks and moods/weemees. Winks are small flash animations you can send to your contacts. Moods are little figures which you can use instead of an ordinary display picture.

To obtain additional winks and moods, you normally need to buy them on a website. But loads of winks/moods have been leaked, and are available on the internet nowadays.

These leaked packs contain multiple .MCO files, each one contains one wink/mood. Normally there's no easy way to preview the MCO files before installing them. MCO Manager lets you do this. Just select a directory on your computer containing MCO files, and then select a file to preview it. If you like the item, simply click the install button, and it will be automatically added to MSN Messenger, or Windows Live Messenger (make sure you're signed in).

Where to get MCO files?

Unfortunately, the leaked MCO files are illegal to spread. Therefore, doesn't provide them. Try searching google on the following terms: 'download free winks', 'download free moods', 'winks.exe'.

MSN MCO Installer

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