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What is Messenger Web Services?

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MEssenger Web Services, also known as MEWS, is a plugin for Messenger Plus. with MEWS you can easily send all sorts of information from the internet to your friends.

How does it work?

MEWS is a very dynamic plugin. The program uses so-called parsers. These are little programs, scripts, which filter all sorts of information from the web, with the help of MEWS. This information will be send to your buddy, and all this in only a few seconds! Imagine your contact doesn't know the meaning of a specific word, we've got a 'dictionary' parser for that problem. You just type /xmews dictionary <the word>. The parser will then obtain the meaning of the word from the internet (in this case from, and MEWS will then send the meaning to your buddy! Likewise, there are parsers for famous quotations, the latest news, music lyrics, et cetera! The possibilities are limitless, because new parsers can be developed every day, by everyone! If you're a scripter you should definitely check out our API Tutorial, which explains how to write your own parsers. Have a look at our parser database to see all the parsers currently available.

What does it look like?

Example of the dictionary parser

Example of the MEWS dictionary parser

Example of the quote parser

Example of the MEWS quote parser

The configuration window

Screenshot of the MEWS configuration screen

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